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Building in process 1

The two room schoolhouse, built in 1914. To the right, the walls of the current building are under construction.

The church at Hickory Knoll was founded back in 1890, in the same location of the church today. The first meeting place of the church was a little one room schoolhouse, which had been built in 1881. At the time, there were only six other Methodist churches in Macon County.

The members of Hickory Knoll continued to meet in the school (it upgraded to two rooms in 1914) until 1957, when construction on the present church building was finished. The construction had been started five years previously, and it was completed thanks to the hard work and dedication of the entire congregation. The church building was built by men from the community, and everyone helped in the farming of ‘The Lord’s Acre’: an acre of land donated from local farms, the produce from which was sold at the side of the road with the proceeds going to pay for the church.

Hickory Knoll has had many changes and updates over the years… including renovating the basement, changing the pews, expanding the porches, and more recently, the addition of the Fellowship Hall. However, one thing has not changed, and that is the dedication and love the congregation has for the church, for each other, and for the Lord.